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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

crispy cheese and egg burritos

before we roast us some veggies, i just have to share this recipe. i eat it often. okay, more than often. my bff's husband makes these for them and from the minute i made it its my go-to lunch or dinner when there's no other plan (remember, my hubby works out of town sometimes... we often run on no dinner plan these days). this is my bff who i remember frying just cheese in a pan in a pan in college. ha. love her. and her crispy cheese. wowsers!

make sure to follow the directions closely - the cheese all crisped to the bottom of the egg rocks my world. enjoy!!

crispy cheese and egg burritos
ala mark and bek

1 egg
salt and pepper
a handful of cheese (cheddar or cheddar jack)

1. heat a frying pan over medium heat. spray with non-stick spray. crack egg into small frying pan. break yolk and spread around. lightly season with salt and pepper.
2. let the egg cook until 1/2 way done. spread a generous handful of cheese over the egg and let it cook another minute while the cheese oozes into the gooey side of the egg.
3. flip the egg so the cheese side is now down. finish cooking egg and make sure cheese gets brown and crispy.
4. when egg is almost done, put the tortilla on top of the egg in the pan and let it get warm.
5. wrap egg in warm tortilla, crispy cheese side down (otherwise the salsa will soak in and make the cheese not crispy), and top with salsa.

that's my dad's new salsa on the burrito. i'll share that recipe soon!

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