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Monday, August 8, 2011

let's roast some veggies: stacked roasted vegetable enchiladas

let's roast some veggies! i've been roasting everything around here. i never thought i'd find a reason good enough to turn on my oven when it's so hot outside (my my typical summer-type cooking here), but i have! ooooh, the flavor.

the only veggie i'd roasted previously is tomatoes (for this heavenly roasted tomato soup), which i'd recommend doing for almost any recipe. i always want my tomatoes roasted now. and yes, i know tomatoes aren't technically a veggie. :)

turns out roasted anything is amazing.

we'll start with these, even though they are pretty far off the beaten enchilada path. i found them on perry's plate and i love what she said about them - "I love ooey-gooey, cheesy enchiladas, but I thought this fresher, lighter version was great as well." i completely agree. these were a fun, healthy way to change it up.

stacked roasted vegetable enchiladas
from perry's plate

find the recipe here!

my only changes were to use more salsa and tortillas, only 1 red bell pepper, less onions, and to spread it in a 13x9" pan.
more roasted veggies to come!

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