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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

baked creamy chicken taquitos

okay, i'll get back to blog land. i've been busy roasting every vegetable i can get my hands on. i'll be posting recipes on that. roasted vegetables have changed my life! yum!

i really can't believe i haven't posted these delicious little numbers from our best bites yet. they are amazing. i make them at least once a month. great on both corn and flour tortillas!

baked creamy chicken taquitos
from our best bites - here

just use the link above. they are perfection in the original form.


Clare said...

These are one of my absolute favorite things. Pepperjack, cilantro, lime, and cream cheese - yum!

Mark & Bek said...

Oooh, I made these for dinner and they were so delicious. I love them covered in salsa and sour cream.

Anonymous said...

So yummy. I could eat these everyday.

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