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Friday, April 2, 2010

orange juice cake

this is a fool-proof recipe. there is nothing you can do to mess it up if you follow the directions. it's springy, would look lovely on your easter table and is always a crowd pleaser. and it's super simple - which makes it even better! enjoy!

orange juice cake
from: my mother-in-law

1 yellow cake mix
1 small package instant vanilla pudding
1 tablespoons flour
1 cup orange juice
4 eggs
nuts, finely chopped (optional)

pour a few chopped nuts on the bottom of a well-greased bunt pan. (i used mini bunts this time, see pic, but i wouldn't suggest it. it wasn't as good!) mix all ingredients and pour into bunt pan. bake 35-40 minutes at 350 degrees.

glaze (reduced fat version)

1 cup sugar
2/3 cup orange juice

combine in saucepan, boil 2-3 minutes. pour over hot cake while still in pan (i like to save a little bit to drizzle over the top after i turn it out). turn cake out after 15 minutes.

*glaze (regular version)

1 cup sugar
1 stick butter
1/4 c orange juice

same directions as above.

*just for reference, 1 stick of butter adds 92 calories and 810 grams of fat to your cake. yikes. the entire cake has less than a 1/4 of that much fat without it.


stacey said...

oh yay! I've wanted this recipe from you before but never asked. This cake is good, people. Make it now! :)

BrittWilk said...

yeah - a testimonial! can't believe you didn't ask before now, stace! :)

Mark & Bek said...

We made this a couple of nights ago and thought it was delicious. Mark and I have already eaten half the cake, so that goes to show how much we love it.

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