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Saturday, October 24, 2009

delicious pitas ala mom and a baby

i'm back. i have a beautiful baby boy and i'm feeling great. here he is. i love him.

my mom was here all week spoiling us and playing with my daughter while we were at the hospital. she was amazing. she spoiled me with feta cheese the other night with the most delicious pitas. they were fabulous, so here's the [approximate] recipe. they are a little on the pricey side, so have a splurge night! i should have taken a picture, but i ate them too fast.

sun dried tomato pesto and veggie pitas

whole wheat pita breads
sun dried tomato pesto (the classico brand at my wal-mart is $1.96)
fresh spinach
portabello mushrooms, sliced
roma tomatoes, sliced
sliced black olives
feta cheese
parmesan cheese

spread the pesto on the pitas. cover with spinach and then the other veggies. top with the cheeses. heat in the oven at 350 until veggies cook flat, cheese melts and pita is slightly crispy.

i definitely loved my return to eating feta after being pregnant. thanks for the treat mom!!


Cindy said...

Hey congrats! What a cute little guy. I can't wait to meet him. Moms are the best. You need to let us know when she leaves so we can bring in some meals.

Kristi said...

Sounds so yummy! I'd go for one (or two). I can't believe you're already back to blogging on this blog; you must be feeling really great, you'll have to tell me your secret for a quick bounce back. Love ya! Don't forget to take care of yourself.

Erin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Erin said...

OOPS, sorry about the deleted post...
Congrats on your baby boy. He is GORGEOUS!!! The pitas sound delicious, I can't wait to make them.

Anonymous said...

He's so cute!

Meghan said...

Ahh I forgot to congratulate you!!!! So exciting!! Your little boy is beautiful! What's his name? Congratulations to you guys!

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