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Friday, September 11, 2009

our favorite easy crookneck squash

no matter what delicious thing i try and do to crookneck (yellow) squash, this is always our favorite way to eat it. i know its just squash, but its soooo good. give it a chance. i guess its a good reminder to me that sometimes simple is the most delicious.

easy cheesy crookneck squash

small crookneck squashes, sliced in half as shown above (the little ones from your neighborhood garden are the best)
salt and fresh cracked black pepper
grated cheese

1. boil sliced squash in a pan in just enough water to almost cover it until fork tender.
2. remove squash from water with fork. sprinkle with salt and pepper and grated cheese.


and do share - do you have a squash secret that could oust this one as our favorite??

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Ruth said...

So, you posted this the very day that our neighbors brought their extra squash to us. I made this and my husband LOVED it. He asked for a double portion the next night... and he doesn't eat *anything* two nights in a row without complaining. :) Wonderful!

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